Dirty Documents

Have you ever received (or sent) a document that when printed just doesn’t resemble what you typed?

You send a document or form to a client (or receive one), click print and you end up with something that looks like it was typed on a mid century typewriter using a font that your parents called Times Roman.

So why does this happen?  If you, or the recipient of the document has an old printer or a printer that isn’t compatible with the more modern fonts you will get a document that is printed using the default settings of the printer on which it has been printed.  This will make the document look quite different because it has forced the font, the page margins and page length to change.

Understanding why is one thing, stopping it from happening is quite another.

If you are using a more recent version of Microsoft Word you can save your document as a PDF – Portable Document Format.  You can do this by using the ‘save as’ option and selecting PDF (*.pdf) from the Save as type: drop down selection.

PDF’s were invented over 20 years ago to overcome this exact problem. PDF’s have come a long way in the last 20 years, from being propriety software that cost a lot of money to access the software to create and edit PDF documents to being a (mostly) open standard software which is now available to be used as an integral part of products like Microsoft Word which allow you to not only create but also edit PDF’s at will.

For those whose word processing software doesn’t edit or create PDF’s then this free PDFCreator is a great alternative.