Why do you advertise someone else’s business each time you pass out a business card, send a letter or even pay to have their business incorporated into the signwriting on your vehicle or business premises? Yes every time you pass out a business card with mybusiness@theirbusiness.co.nz you are advertising their business – for free. Why not take that next step and start promoting your own business with me@mybusiness.co.nz.

I know it’s hard to get your customers to update their email addresses or maybe you still have a huge pile of business cards that will last you for the next two years. Stop making excuses and make the move. You will achieve ISP independence; this means that you can change ISP’s to get the best deals without worrying about your customers not being able to contact you or having to update email addresses. If you are worried about how difficult it is to move then you must be still living in the house you were born in, and you won’t get any new customers because the customers you want are afraid to change from the provider of inferior services to your superior services.  From as little as $45 per year you can get a Domain name with an email address or email addresses. From there we can sort you out a package with a website. One of the worst offenders are the businesses who have taken the leap and got themselves a domain name and website with the domain name being www.mybusiness.co.nz but the email address is still mybusiness@someonelsesbusiness.co.nz. Why has their IT professional allowed them to do this, are they not on the ball? We want you to have brand alignment and to advertise your own business.

You could also get a domain name for the family. This gives you at home ISP independence as well as a completely personalised email address. As an example you can have dad@ourfamily.co.nz mum@ourfamily.co.nz son@ourfamily.co.nz daughter@ourfamily.co.nz  (or .nz, or .kiwi) you could even take it to the extended family, there is no limit on the number of email addresses that you can have, there may be budgetary constraints that limit the number you can have.