IT Troubleshooting

… you get to fix a RR24M-30A Rail Grinder!

RR24M-30A Rail Grinder

RR24M-30A Rail Grinder


Yes, last Thursday I got to play on a RR24M-30A Rail Grinder!  Sadly I didn’t get to drive it but I did get a good look around and saw how 7 on-board computers do the job of grinding (re-profiling) NZ’s railway lines.  I put my IT troubleshooting hat on and successfully got the computer that manages their safety monitoring up and running.  PC Repair provided an easy fix for them to minimise downtime should the issue occur again.

In 2 weeks it will be heading home to Australia.  Friday morning (17 July, 11.30am) the RR24M-30A Rail Grinder was heading north from Upper Hutt train station – at 5km per hour.

For those of you who are interested this job came to us via Adwords using our very own Web Services.

– Craig