Windows 8

Microsoft stops support for Windows 8

As of yesterday Microsoft has stopped support for all versions of Internet Explorer up to and including version 10 and will no longer be supporting Windows 8 operating system.

What does this mean?

Any computer running Windows XP is unsupported. Any computer running Windows Vista is unsupported. Windows 8 is also unsupported. To be able to use a supported version of Internet Explorer 11 a computer needs to be running Windows 7 Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Anyone who is running Windows 8 needs to install the update to Windows 8.1. The alternative is if you have a qualifying operating system, update to Windows 10. For those that don’t upgrade or update their systems those users become solely reliant upon their antivirus product and firewall to provide security when using Internet Explorer. Should you wish to upgrade to a new machine we can provide you a quote to custom build you a PC or provide a Laptop to suit your needs.

Microsoft has also ended support for Windows 8. Yesterday was also the last day of security patches for Windows 8 to be supplied by Microsoft. Microsoft offers a support term of 10 years from the date of release for security updates. Vista will continue to receive support till April 11 2017. Windows 8 was released in October 2012, so why did support end yesterday after only three and a bit years? The reason is that the Windows 8.1 upgrade to Windows 8 is considered to be an essential update and security patch to Windows 8, or Windows 8 Service pack 1. Microsoft stops support for operating systems 24 months after a service pack is released, this is why support for Windows 8 has ended, Windows 8.1 was released 24 months ago.