PC Repair – Networks and Servers

We provide networks and servers to homes and businesses.  We’ll network all devices – printers, phones, PC’s, tablets, even your TV .  We can install and maintain your server in-house or hosted.


Whether you choose wired or wireless a properly constructed network will provide you with speed, excellent performance, ease of management and give you the potential to grow.

PC Repair can

  • Wire your Local Network (LAN)
  • Distribute and install wiring distribution frame (patch panel)
  • Move, add and changes to the existing cable or wireless structure
  • Diagnose network problems
  • Install server, switch, router and firewall
  • Supply networking hardware
  • Provide ongoing maintenance

PC Repair provides a cost-effective computer network installation service.

[/one_half]HOME NETWORKS

If you would like to setup a wired or wireless network, or have your existing network security enhanced, contact us or give us a call.

We can network your computers, laptops, phones, tablets, printers & game consoles, secure your network and make sure all of the services you want are shared and configured.

  • Encrypt the network
  • Share printers
  • Create shared drives across computers
  • Allow phones, ipod and game consoles access to the internet via your ISP
  • Add shared storage to the network (Network Attached Storage)
  • Improve wireless speed and range