PC Repair - Web Services

PC Repairs provide Web Services.  We’ll set you up with a website, host an existing site and provide a great alternative to other costly options. If you need some assistance with social media or just want a discussion about SEO or online advertising, call us.


Your business needs to be found.  We believe your website is a business tool and should be returning on investment, just as all your other investments do.

  • Retailers, do you know how many of your customers research you online before they come to your shop to spend? Consumer decisions aren’t always about price!
  • If you already have a website, take a look at it, is it old, tired, boring, stuffed with keywords and not making the ranks?
  • Does your website sit there doing nothing? No contact form?  Does your contact form still work?
  • So half a dozen leads found you, is it obvious what they should do do next?

People today are looking for instant information.  You have 2 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention and not much more than that to get them to take the next step.  Make sure those next steps don’t include the back button and your competitor’s website.

How much will it cost?

Figure out why you want a website or a change to your existing site.  Be clear about the business results you are looking for.

Do you want to

  • build your brand with an online presence
  • generate leads
  • sell your products or services online
  • be the next best blogger that hit the internet
  • collect information
  • keep in contact with your clients

It’s all relevant, the more you want your site to do the more it will cost.  We promise to be up-front about costs.

How long will it take?

Content, content, content – this is what holds up most websites, if you’re clear about the business result the rest is easy, you’ll know what you want to say to clients and what you want your prospects and clients to do next!

What about this SEO business?

You won’t get your site until its optimised for search engines.  We’ll link your site with google analytics and explain how this works, you’ll be able to track progress for yourself.  This is an ongoing exercise, it doesn’t stop with having your website go live, we’ll point you in the right direction, give advice when required or take care of it for you.

If I want to change content or the look and feel of my site later on, how much will that cost?

Nothing, we’ll make sure you know how to update content as part of the delivery of the website. Or for a small fee we’ll do it for you.

Contracts – will I have to sign one?

If you want us to provide ongoing maintenance, host the site or regularly update content for you then yes.  We are a small Kiwi business, personally we don’t want to be tied into contracts with our suppliers for multiple years and we expect you don’t either.  We won’t tie you up, a months notice of termination is the only requirement.

All our website and CRM development contracts are based on progress payments with opt out clauses.

Ok, so what’s the catch?

There isn’t one.  We’ll listen to what you want, give you a great price and deliver.  We won’t waste your time up-selling and we’ll be here if you need us.